Service and Repair

Vancity Sprinklers Incorporated has IIABC CIT certified Irrigation technicians that can Startup, Service, and Winterize your Irrigation system.

  • Startup – Our Technicians will start your system up for the dry summer season and check for any breaks or changes that need to be made to ensure the best water coverage possible.  We will set the timers to coincide with local water restrictions.
  • Service and Repair – Whether you’re looking to add additional zones, repair irrigation leaks, or adjust the system as plants grow, our technicians can promptly help no matter your needs.
  • Winterization- In the fall months, typically between October and November, we will perform the Irrigation Winterization. This consists of coming to your house and using a large compressor to run compressed air through the system.  This process will empty all the lines of any water, so your irrigation system will not be damaged during the cold winter months.
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