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There are many aspects that need to come into account when designing an Irrigation system, such as: Sun or Shade, soil type, Grass or Plants, Spray Heads or Soaker Line, Water Pressure, Water volume, and Head Pressure.

All of these aspects will help us determine how many zones the system will need, how many heads each zone will need, how much soaker line, and the duration and frequency of each zone.

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Service and Repair Vancity Sprinklers Incorporated has IIABC CIT certified Irrigation technicians that can Startup, Service, and Winterize your Irrigation system. Startup – Our Technicians will start your system up for the dry summer season and check for any breaks or changes that need to be made to ensure the best water coverage possible.  We will set the…

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Irrigation & Water Restrictions Vancity Sprinklers Incorporated specializes in custom sprinkler and drip line irrigation systems. We have the experience to install a system that will provide adequate coverage, ensure your landscape is watered efficiently and also effective. We make sure our most precious source, WATER, is not wasted and will utilize environmentally friendly alternatives wherever possible. Installing…